Friday, January 28, 2011

Heart Poem

In reflecting this evening, I was awed yet again by the absolute perfection of the One I aspire to be like. Let me know your thoughts after this poem from my heart to God's.

Jesus, the perfect One...
Into our tarnished universe you came,
Taking upon yourself every blame,
Abandoning your will for the Father's.

You the heavenly beloved one,
Once revered and loved by all,
Quickly became the earth's false prophet,
That we couldn't wait to see gone.

Till date many minds still cannot fathom,
That you were every inch us,
That you were tempted with food, wealth & fame,
Like we consistently are,
Yet, never once did you fall.

Your self control never wavered,
And with the hypocritical pharisees you unveiled the truth.
The same hands that washed the feet of your disciples,
Also healed the sick in mind and heart.
Indeed Lord, you epitomize perfection.

The model of your servant-leadership
Accurately showcases to earthlings...
The possibility of a purely refined heart,
An authentic walk and an exemplary life.

Your laid-down map, that complete Word will we follow,
And that much trusted voice within
Can only lead us aright...
Closer to the essence of You.

And as for me;
I will strive until I am in every way a splitting image of You.

Do share your comments & what lines particularly struck a chord...


  1. He came into our 'tarnished' universe...

    Those words pierced me the most. I think this is a beautiful poem.