Friday, January 21, 2011

The Great Disparity

What I'm sharing today is an excerpt from a book I'm reading written by A. W. Tozer. Tozer is widely regarded to as one of the most perceptive Christian writers of the 20th century. This excerpt is from his work "The Root of the Righteous." I have been greatly challenged by the content of this excerpt, and had to share it with you.

The Great Disparity

There is an evil which I have seen under the sun and which in its effect upon the Christian religion may be more destructive than communism, Romanism & liberalism combined. It is the glaring disparity between theology & practice among professing Christians.

So wide is the gulf that separates theory from practice in the Church than an inquiring stranger who chances upon both would scarcely dream that there was any correlation between them. An intelligent observer of our human scene who heard the sunday morning sermon and later watched the sunday afternoon conduct of those who had heard it would conclude that he had examined two distinct & contrary religions.

Christians habitually weep and pray over beautiful truth, only to draw back from that same truth when it comes to the difficult job of putting it into practice. The average church simply does not dare to check its practices against biblical precepts. It tolerates things that are diametrically opposed to the will of God, and if pointed out they will defend its unscriptural practices with a smooth casuistry equal to the verbal dodging of the Roman moralists.

It appears that too many christians want to enjoy the trill of feeling right but aren’t willing to endure the inconvenience of being right. So the divorce between theory and practice becomes permanent in fact, though in word, the union is declared to be eternal. Truth sits forsaken and grieves till her professed followers come home from a brief visit, but she sees them depart again when the bills become due. They profess great and dying love for her but they will not let their love cost them anything.

Could this be the condition our Lord had in mind when He said “Thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead” Revelation 3:1? What can the effect be upon spectators who live day after day among professed christians who habitually ignore God’s commands and live after their private notions of Christianity?Certainly these non-christians are not too much to be blamed for turning disgustedly away from the invitation to the gospel after he has been exposed for a while to the inconsistencies of professed followers.

In that great and terrible day when the deeds of men are searched into by the penetrating eyes of the Judge of all the earth, what will we answer when we are charged with inconsistency and moral fraud? And at whose door will lie the blame for the millions of lost men who while they lived on earth were sickened and revolted by the religious travesty they knew as Christianity?

Adapted from: Root of the Righteous, A. W. Tozer (p. 55-57)

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  1. My heart cries out because I know for a certainty that there is a huge gulf between Theology and Practice in the church today. My prayer is that there will be a strong wave of realization, and we will all begin to function and practice the way we are supposed to. An awakening, if I might call it that.

    PS: You've been awarded as a 'Stylish & Versatile' blogger on the Lamp. See the blog for more info when you do get a chance.

  2. Girl! i feel the exact same way! No one has put it in words quite like Tozer did. Like you said also, it is imperative we pray for that wave of realization...AND an enablement to CHANGE. So we don't lose the unsaved world cos of our sloppiness.

    p.s Thank you so much for the award.

  3. I totally agree. For this we have to sort it out on our knees. One thing though is that I'm confident that the enemy will be defeated on this count, and I thank God in advance for that.

    PS: I love quotes from A.W Tozer.

  4. This is one book that changed my life. The nitty-gritty of Christianity is a hard pill for many to swallow because the preaching today has been coated with prosperity which is not bad in itself but should not be the main and only focus of our walk with the master.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Maid of Heart I concur! We are responsible for showing the world @ large the ENTIRE Gospel not preferred parts alone. 2 Timothy 3:16 reminds us that "ALL(emphasis mine) Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness"

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  7. Because we live in a society and generation that applauds theory over practice and talent over character it's rather shamefully normal to live in a place of discontentment and apathy. We as believers have to continue to influence every sphere with the truth and culture of the Kingdom of our Father while being inwardly transformed and renewed daily ourselves. Matt. 5 & 24

    This is where I believe it will cost us the most as we depleplete the accounts of our reputations , accomplishments, future goals and most precious desires all for the sake of the same way of life and ultimate purposes that Christ himself lived and died, and yet still lives today for that as none other than to expand the ORIGINAL and permenant intent of God the father for all creation........the Kingdom of god on earth as it has been established before time lodged in the heart of God in heaven.

    While Tozer's writing frustrates some while challenging others my prayer is that as we read these echoings of GOD'S heart , we be driven to changing our hearts by the grace of God and the leading of Holy Spirit, and in turn provoke others regardless of their responses or lack thereof to a life that once ended brings Glory to our loving King Forever.

    In short let's live lives that count far past this one into the next one!!!!

    Grace & Peace
    KDM 1ST
    Matt. 6:33
    Curtis W.

  8. Curtis you have write so well! All very well said bro, I concur!