Friday, April 2, 2010

The missing ingredient in an empty life...

This Easter season like many others I'm taken back to the core of my existence. Over many years easter has evolved to be more about eggs and the bunny... both of which have nought to do with the actual reason behind it.

The real story :
Over 2 thousand years ago, God showed the extent of His love to humanity by coming down from heaven in human form in the person of Jesus to save mankind. He left the magnificence and comfort of heaven behind to come to earth to pay for the sins and wrongdoings of people; He suffered at the hands of the very people he came to save from the penalty of their wrongs. Before He was crucified, He was a honored teacher in the synagogues, a healer of diseases, a deliverer of souls and a hero and role-model to thousands. But in order for all generations to benefit from God's plan to reconnect people back to Himself, Jesus had to die on the cross and raise Himself from the grave to prove He was God. Though He was blameless, He was beaten and thoroughly humiliated. But through it all, he never once cursed his accusers...He instead prayed for them so they could be forgiven of their evil actions. The high point of the would-have-been tragic story, was that though he eventually died from the suffering...He then rose from the dead! This all powerful but humble savior chose to go through pain and suffering so me and You could be with him in heaven when our time on earth is over. Everyday I live I'm grateful for that.

The Implications:

When we accept Jesus into our hearts, and allow him to direct our steps along the journey of life; Heaven is secure. Regardless of our hardships on earth - like our role model Jesus we must stay on the course walking with Him, listening to Him..and then peace will be ours. Since I made that decision to accept Jesus, I have so much peace in my heart that gets me through all the different seasons of life. Because of Him living in my heart my attitude gets better everyday, I'm kinder to people and I live everyday knowing life will only get better.

In a nutshell:
Jesus is the missing ingredient in every empty life. Wonder why many who seem to have 'everything' are miserable? It's because they don't... true 'everything' begins when we have Jesus in our hearts. If you are yet to accept Him, there's no better time than now... His love transcends every barrier you may have. Its a choice with countless guaranteed rewards. If you already know him; tell more people, show more people his love and lets get even closer to this gracious Savior of ours.

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