Monday, April 12, 2010

Musings on my love...

I'm fixated on you
Stuck on your simple complexity
Emotionally drawn to you consistently
But not yet powered enough to bring you to the world as i so want to.

At times you come so strong,
I could hear the whole song in my head;
Or so i thought...
But as I sit to soak you in and spell you out
..Back to waiting and re-writing.

But still, I'm captivated by you
And this hide and seek games we play.
I'm hopeful, that our once in a while memorable sessions
Will soon be steady flows of creativity.

And to you reading,
Be patient with me as I work on this crucial relationship,
It won't take a day, or a song
To attain perfection
But guaranteed; it'll always be
From a heart passionately inlove with music.

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