Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas is all about Love...

So Finalllllly, the long awaited 'holiday season' is here. When everyone is spending money on gifts for friends and loved ones, and putting up christmas trees, going for carols and perhaps even giving extra change to the poor in the 'spirit of the season'.

Christmas/New year's time is much more than just the holiday season. It is an opportunity to set time aside for reflection on the past and that will teach us some lessons that will equip us for the seasons ahead. But most importantly it is a time to be reminded of the extent of God's love.

The first Christmas was borne out of a love so strong, you and I only know a bit of it. John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world, that he gave His only begotten son..." The Almighty God, the Creator God, THE God Himself "demonstrated His love toward us, while we were still sinners" Romans 5:8. He had the choice of wiping us out from the face of the planet because of our wrong-doing, but He chose not to. He had the power to leave us to the condemnation of the law, as in the old testament. But he chose to forgive and SHOW love. God was our perfect love example by pouring out Himself.

Friends, out of God's display of love came Jesus and thus this season we now celebrate. I can't tell you how it all became about a once-a-year gift exchange and fun-time, but I can tell you that God desires more of us than that. Love is always in action, as shown by God Himself- He GAVE, selflessly. Because He gave, "whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life" John 3:16b. In lay man's terms because God demonstrated his love in action, heaven is promised for those who believe in that love sacrifice-Savior that is in the person of Jesus.

A love, that gives and gives and gives. So let's give to those who don't have, let's share with those who have little, let's give of our time to a friend in distress, some love to one without family, some loving counsel to a friend who needs it, or even a listening ear to a burdened soul. Let's get beyond the perishable and dispensable to the longer lasting and impactful giving of ourselves. A sacrificial and self-less love. Only God can help us love like that, and He's more than willing, just ask!

Now go ahead, Have a very meaningful Christmas....and share God's Love Gospel as you show love :)

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