Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Love Story of Music & I

Dear Music,
Been thinking of writing you a note for a while now.
You have been such a great friend to me and it's about time i acknowledge you...

Since i've been a little girl, i always found you intriguing,
Never quite understood the connection but it was something that ran deep.
And I couldn't quite get away from you...
At home, in church, everywhere i went- you were too!

You were always one to keep me enchanted,
Oft times i sleep and wake up with you on my mind,
Your lyrics on my heart.
Lately i was even told i slept-sang!

After God, life, and a few fellow travelers,
You are my favorite thing!
As savage garden sings, i love you truly madly deeply...
I never want to part with you
You and I can be like your 2 components- lyrics and melody!
Dynamic when compatible.

Just wait till I download more lyrics from above,
And more melodies slip thru my fingers on the piano...
Then we can really do wonders!
You & I changing the world...1 song @ a time...

And so you know M,
My days are brighter with you nearby and in-heart.
And with my gift i make you known!
Ask any who have heard me :)
I saaaiiinngg you with all of me...
And convey to the world, my love for GOD and You.

So they too might long for the same love & connection i share,
With my maker, and then you.


  1. Love the blog sis! Go on and be a blessing in the life of me and others!!!! :) AM A FOLLOWER!

  2. aburo, you are just an inspiration to me as an egbon and i thank GOD for your life, your love and everything you stand for, we really appreciate you, hope you understand 'WE" as i used in that sentence, and to let you know your parents will be proud of you..... Will try to leave in a word or two as frequently as i am chanced so i am following.....