Friday, October 30, 2009

Let love in....

The world continues its search,
For an earth without war and bloodshed.
One that overflows with much love and peace and forgiveness....
But how dare we make such requests?
When the god of this world has been given free rein over the hearts of the masses??
How could there be a solution?
When the creator-GOD who gave us freewill is being left out??

In this insane world, Hearts continue their search;
For satisfaction, for affection, and for a High;
A high that'll take them through the clouds,
A temporary wave of contentment,
That brings them back to their questing valley...
Where there'll always be more questions.

But know this! God has set eternity in the hearts of men.
There will be no peace- genuine, never-ending peace, Until THE God has been let in...
Alcohol, Sex, Drugs, money and fame may provide some satisfaction,
But only THE Maker is all-satisfying.

In Him the search for fulfillment stops.
In Him life's purpose is found.
Indeed in Him alone is true contentment.
In Him that love that was so hungered after, becomes found;
For you know.... This God is Love;
And so in letting Him in, Unending love will occupy all the corners of your heart.

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