Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Words and Wisdom

I came across this poem i wrote in 2005...i find it still true 5years later and even more importantly I've begun to live it within that time. Here it is; Do share your thoughts...

I have been given,

The words and the wisdom

To effect a change in my generation.

An assignment must I complete,

That all might come to the knowledge of He,

Who for all our sins was put to death.

I possess the words to bring freedom,

To the enslaved minds,

And to bring victory to the once defeated.

My purpose is to live for his glory,

To radiate forth his light

On the inside of me.

Till I take my last breath,

These words shall forever flow.

None will silence the outflow of his wisdom.

Yes, even unto death,

None will put off,

This blazing fire of anointing,

That awaits the appropriate season.

A season to test with fire, hearts

And to bring to normalcy,

The imperfections of our fallen world.

And it is no lie that the world waits in earnest expectation

For the manifestation of you and I,

The time is near, its now,

Let us arise and proclaim

His words and his wisdom.

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  1. "Till I take my last breath.." Deep words and beautiful poem